Jack Clancy
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Krankbrother is one of the UK’s leading forces in electronic music. Since it’s inception in 2009, krankbrother have become synonymous with organising some of the most exciting music events in London, throwing parties in countless forgotten buildings, public spaces & one-off outdoor locations.

I was involved in this custom build project from conception to launch and remain a design consultant. It was built on WordPress.



First, I produced a content matrix, site map and set of user journeys, these act as the blueprint for any custom build. It helps to list out the website in its entirety and map the routes that users take, ensuring that all their needs are covered. These important first steps are vital in any project of this kind. Once this had been completed I created a full set of desktop, tablet and mobile wireframes for every page. Some of these are shown below.


Once the wireframes were completed, the project moved into the design phase. Using my own professional network, I selected a top designer (Sean Valentine) to work on the site and bring it to life. Together, we worked on the design.  Once the design phase was completed we moved on to the development of the site. I found a reputable senior developer to complete the work and coordinated the build, doing regular reviews and feedback rounds. See both desktop and mobile designs below.